Purging Feels Good

Do you guys know the children’s book by Todd Parr called The Feel Good Book?  It’s a cute little book about simple things that feel good.  Like a giving a hug or getting tickled feels good.  I’d add that purging my home of excess feels good.  I spent most of the day in my jammies Sunday going through drawer after drawer cleaning out and purging.  I kept thinking this feels SO good I wish I had another day to work on the rest of my house!  It’s January right, the month of new beginnings, organizing, + white sales.  I’m supposed to be doing this crazy dig through every drawer thing.  The problem with being me is that I seem to want to do this all the time!  A favorite quote in our house is ‘oh, must be Sunday, mom’s organizing/cleaning/purging again!’  At least they know me well + still love me.

One of the cabinets that I tackled was long overdue.  I had been saving {very neatly I might add} magazines dating back to 2000.  Yes friends, that’s 13 years of Sunset and Martha Stewart Living {pre jail time} in my cupboards.


I kept all the November and December Editions of Martha Stewart Living for holiday menu planning and decorating ideas.  For several years I did actually browse them.  Back in 2000, there was no Pintrest and the internet wasn’t my first publication of choice.  I still bought magazines and clearly held on to them a bit too long! So to tackle both my addiction to these mags and my addiction to clearing things out.  I went through each one, just to be sure I didn’t really need to keep it.  I ended up tossing 3 large paper bags full of mags.

a bowl full of simple

I piled them all up and started in on the task.  It felt great I have to say.  I did keep a few recipes that I’ll put in my recipe binder and a few travel ideas.  I also kept a Holiday Cookie Guide, a Homemade Gift Guide, and Sunset’s Guide to Edible Gardens as references.  Needed to tear this one out for my upcoming trip to LA.

a bowl full of simple

a bowl full of simple

a bowl full of simple

Take a look at all my new found space!  Hallelujah!  I worked my way through these cupboards and most of my office/laundry room.  Purging Feels Good.



  1. nancy says

    i’ve been on a tear too! i actually packed up several boxes of magazines when we moved and am happy to report that i got rid of them all except every issue of elle decor that i own. scott may have been even happier than me to see them all go. 😉


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