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Williamsburg, Brooklyn | The Simple Proof

2 Days in Williamsburg

Williamsburg We’ve been to New York City many times with and without our kids. We mostly stay in Manhattan and spend a day hanging out in Brooklyn. On one trip however, a friend and I spent 2 Days in Williamsburg, a Brooklyn neighborhood. I first came to Williamsburg for a Food Photography workshop with Bea […]

Todos Santos | the Simple Proof

Todos Santos Beaches | Baja California

Todos Santos Beaches The beaches along the Pacific coast of Baja California are incredibly beautiful. Each one has a slightly different characteristic and charm. We went to three Todos Santos beaches during our stay. The first beach was Cerritos Beach. We spent the most time here. We surfed and boogie boarded all day. The only […]

Baja, Mexico | The Simple Proof

Casa Tota | Baja California

Casa Tota We were so happy to have been recommended Casa Tota but a colleague of my husband’s. We arrived late in the evening tired from a big day on Isla Espíritu Santo and the drive across the peninsula. Having just had one of those not-so-funny-at-the-time-but-a-great-story-in-the-end travel mishaps, arriving at the lovely Casa Tota was […]

The Simple Proof

Todos Santos | Baja California

Todos Santos We had been hearing talk about Todos Santos for the previous 5 years or so. It was slowly becoming a spot for Californians in the know to slip away for a quick escape from life in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Property development has grown, boutique hotels are popping up and small cafes and […]