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Travel Light | Marine Layer

Marine Layer A couple of years ago a new store called Marine Layer  popped up in a shopping center near our home in California. I had been by it a few times, but never went in or thought much about it. Then one day a friend mentioned that it’s a new favorite of her teen son’s. (Buying […]

The Simple Proof

Travel Light | Travel Comfortable

It seems it’s been forever since I’ve last shared a style post! If you’ve been around here for a while you know how much I appreciate good style and how much I favor traveling light over filling my bags to the gills. In today’s post I’m sharing my go-t0 new favorite travel outfit.  You won’t believe […]

Travel Light

The Challenge: Can you fit 3 days and 2 nights into an overnight bag? The Answer: YES! It’s no secret that I love to travel light.  I actually have a weird obsession with it.  I pride myself on taking the fewest amount of items with me whenever I travel.  I’m not one to pass up a good challenge […]

Travel Light | Packing for Miami

Travel Light | Miami We’re off to Miami for a few days.  I have never been to Miami Beach and am really looking forward to exploring the scene there.  We are going on a walking food tour of Little Havana and have an event at the Wynwood Walls.  Both sound equally incredible and cultural.  Can’t […]

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Packing for Sunshine

Warm water, cool drinks, lots of sunshine and no agenda.  Looking forward to a much needed vacation week. The lead up to packing for a famiy of 5 is no small task.  Sorting through last summer’s clothes for the kids trying to be sure everyone has a warm weather clothing they currently fit in, pulling […]